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The History of the Practice

“From the time I began my dental career with Dr. Henry Surbeck in 2004, I have considered it both a tremendous blessing and responsibility to care for the patients that have made this practice their dental home.

In 2010, when Dr. Karl Yauch announced that he was ready to retire, I again felt that it would be an honor to assume the responsibility of caring for his patients in the manner they had come to expect. Both Dr. Surbeck and Dr. Yauch worked their entire careers with the priority of building relational dental practices. I wanted to be able to carry on that same legacy and I wanted to be able to give these two men the peace of mind that ‘their’ patients would be well taken care of.

It was a large undertaking assimilating the two practices into one practice over the course of two years, but it was well worth the effort. With a team of unbelievably talented women, we worked hard to keep the practice a relational one and to provide the best care we could. I recognized that the workload would be too much to maintain indefinitely, but I did not want to bring an associate in simply to ‘do dentistry.’ I wanted to find someone who say dentistry working better when placed in the context of forming a relationship.

In July of 2012, we were excited to welcome Dr. Timothy Chang as an associate in our practice. Dr. Chang’s accomplished education from one of the finest dental schools in the country, coupled with his strong desire to know his patients as individuals, made him a great match for our practice in furthering the relational legacy that has become one of our hallmarks and top priorities. In August of 2015, Dr. Chang and his wife, along with their new baby girl, moved back to their home state of North Carolina to be closer to family. Although his time in the practice was relatively short, he made an enormous impact for the better, helping to serve and improve the oral health of many of our patients. I know that he will take many fond memories of you, his patients, with him as he takes over his mother’s dental practice.

Dr. Chang's leaving gave us the opportunity to welcome “one of our own” into the practice. In August 2015, Dr. Megan Breuer joined our team. She, like myself, grew up in the practice as a patient, and like Dr. Yauch, is a graduate of USC dental school. I know you will enjoy meeting Dr. Breuer, and that you will quickly find that she is equally committed to providing all of you with excellent care in a relational manner, that recognizes the benefit of oral health to your overall health. Please join me in providing a warm welcome to Dr. Breuer!”

— Dr. Graham T. Egger