Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

We express who we are when we smile. Even our best memories are captured when we smile. If your smile doesn’t say what you want it to, you can enhance it with today’s comfortable and lasting dental options.

Technological advancements, the development of natural-looking, tooth-colored dental materials, and progress made with implants are just a few of the recent strides forward in the dental industry. These allow Dr. Egger to perform needed restorative dental procedures and provide cosmetic/aesthetic benefits at the same time.

Dr. Egger can help you to learn which options are the best for you, for function, durability, and naturalness. With his goal of arriving at picture-perfect oral health and wellness, he remains steadfast in his commitment to educating you about your cosmetic dental options.

Dr. Egger knows the importance of maintaining as much of your original healthy tooth structure as possible. With his comfortable, conservative approach to dentistry, your healthy new smile will maximize function and strength.

If you have questions about restorative or cosmetic dentistry that you would like to discuss, we invite you to call us today. We are happy to meet the dental needs of adults, children, and families in Federal Way, Northeast Tacoma, Pacific, Edgewood, Browns Point, and the surrounding areas in Washington.