Nightguard Solutions in Federal Way

Throughout your daily activities, and especially at night when you sleep, you may suffer an unnatural grinding of the teeth without even being aware of it.

Whether it is due to stress or a subconscious habit learned over time, you can actually cause damage to the integrity of your teeth’s enamel. In advanced cases of occlusal degradation, the inner strength of your teeth may also be damaged.

If you suspect you clench or grind your teeth, Dr. Egger has a comfortable and high-tech solution to stop the unnecessary wear on your smile: the Talon® Flexible Nightguard.

A nightguard is made of flexible thermoplastic resilient polymer. Basically, it is composed of a “memory” material that forms to your unique set of teeth. The guard is applied each night easily and comfortably to cover your upper and lower teeth to prevent wear during your sleep.

Treating this condition with precision and experience, Dr. Egger can help you to protect your teeth and alleviate these conditions through high-quality family dentistry. We invite you to talk to a team member at our office in Federal Way today to learn even more about the benefits of nightguards. You’ll be awaking to a healthier smile for years to come!